The transportation industry (marine, aircraft, rail, mining shovels and trucks, etc.) is at the heart of government concerns. One of the main challenges of the transportation industry is to provide safe, stable power to mobile consumers. Power conversion is at the heart of manufacturers’ and users’ concerns, for train, motor and trailer bogies are fed by traction converters. Their impact on global train consumption is extremely high. That is not to say that we do not need other power conversion systems. Auxiliary power converters are used on board all types of mass transit public service vehicles including high speed, light rail and main line trains, underground trains, trams and trolley buses. The auxiliary converter units (ACU) solve all the vehicle’s power conversion needs by switching the input voltage from the overhead line or 3rd rail power supplies, which are often unstable, into constant regulated voltage.

Key equipment:

  • Traction power converters (rail)
  • High speed traction power converters / High speed traction drives
  • Auxiliary converter units (ACU) for electrical multiple units (EMU)
  • Customizable traction converter for EMU (rail)
  • On-board battery chargers (rail)
  • Integrated regeneration drives / Regenerative drives
  • Marine inverters
  • Charging stations (rail)
  • Ground chargers (avionics)
  • Taxing drive equipment (avionics)
  • APU: Auxiliary power units (avionics)
  • ATRU: Autotransformer rectifier units (avionics)