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The shared Values that support the daily work of all Amphenol AUXEL’s team members:


As in every organization, customer satisfaction is the primary goal. Our clients, whether internal or external are the key to our success both in the present and in our future. Building strong relationships through regular contacts, active listening and clear communication is therefore an essential part of our strategy.


At Amphenol AUXEL, we believe quality should be integrated at all levels of the company. Via optimized system and procedure definitions our team is constantly informed, trained and empowered to guarantee the company’s continuous improvement; a key condition to sustainable growth. PPM, ISO and 8D are just a few of the common keywords heard throughout our factories and offices alike.


Avoiding accidents, preventing risk and encouraging the well-being of our employees are major managerial goals. We follow rigorous procedures to control, analyze and optimize every controlling factor. Managing health and security is not only about the safety of our employees, it is also being and acting responsibly for the products and services we deliver, and thus to protect our clients, partners, communities and the environment.


At AMPHENOL AUXEL people are at the center of our organization. We work hard to create a fair and equal opportunity employment culture, as well as an enjoyable and rewarding working environment for all. As in most organizations, AMPHENOL AUXEL consists of people of all ages, physical abilities, gender, religion and ethnicity. We encourage and strive to enable personal growth and self-learning based on adaptation, autonomy and responsibility. To guarantee this, various programs and training sessions are offered toward the goal of helping all employees to master their field of expertise.


Creating pleasant and effective teamwork is an important key to our success. Generating rich interactions in a trustful and respectful atmosphere is therefore an everyday goal where employees, partners and clients share knowledge, innovate together and celebrate collectively.


Creating a true culture of innovation is the basis for anticipating our client’s needs and building the future to which we aspire. AMPHENOL AUXEL Research & Development departments focus on key topics and challenging questions: What will our markets be like in the next 5, 10 or 15 years? How can we make carrying electrical current easier, faster and more secure? Can we increase efficiency by reducing the size of the equipment? How can we minimize the use of raw materials and energy? At AMPHENOL AUXEL creativity and innovation is not only the mission of technicians and engineers, it is a key matter that concerns everyone at all levels of the company.