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High Voltage Busbars

AMPHENOL AUXEL offers an optimized approach for high voltage low inductive interconnections: use of specific material, low inductive design with respect of creepage distances and efficient control of partial discharge…

Typical applications:
traction converters, wind energy converters, MV power conversion systems, SiC (Silicon Carbide power switching components).

PD (partial discharge) is a localized dielectric breakdown of a small portion of an electrical insulation system that is under high voltage stress, which does not bridge the space between two conductors.

  • Partial Discharge phenomenon is intrinsically linked to compact high voltage systems
  • Partial Discharges within solid insulation systems are not visible
  • The partial discharge test helps to predict future performance and reliability of busbar
  • Typically partial discharge should be below <10pC according to IEC 61287 at defined voltage Vtest

AMPHENOL AUXEL designs laminated busbars able to withstand high level partial discharges (used in high voltage systems)