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Optimized Local Surface Treatment

OLST technology (Optimized Local Surface Treatment) is a plating of copper on aluminium. The two metals are inseparably welded together in a special process based on dynamic gaz cold spray associated to a fast moving robot.

 This process combines the advantages of light metals Рlow weight, easy workability, etc. Рwith the advantages of copper, such as corrosion resistance, the property of being soldered, special features for electrical purposes.

Main characteristics of the OLST technology:

  • Good adherence
  • Clean and precise process without any conductor deterioration
  • Minimal oxidization
  • High thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Stable phase and basic material composition
  • High density, low porosity, dense coating
  • Ability to combine materials normally incompatible (electrolytic action)
  • Wide range of coating materials

Key applications:

  • Low inductive Laminated Busbars
  • Power Connection Rails
  • Heat sink, CTE mismatch, better solderability

Power Connection Rails: Universal & innovative aluminium profiles

  • An economical alternative to your copper busbars up to 1600A
  • Copper-plated contact surface for an excellent connection quality
  • Weight savings: up to 58% compared to copper bars
  • Compatible with a large range of holders
  • Easy and quick assembly / wiring
  • No need to drill holes, no limited number of connections
  • Easy to add connections after installation