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Varnished  Insulated Busbar – VIB

VIB is a technology development initiate through CleanSky2 European project.

  • JTI-CS2-2017-CfP07-SYS-02-43
  • Duration : 36 months (will end in 2021)
  • Leader : ZODIAC AERO ELECTRIC (Subsidiary of SAFRAN Group)
  • Consortium: Amphenol (as consortium leader), LSEE (Artois University – France)
  • Co-inventors : LSEE (Artois University) & AMPHENOL

We initially aim to design and develop a high temperature HVDC busbar for commercial aircraft.

Key advantages of the technology:

  • High temperature (target: 200°C)
  • Lower inductance, high frequencies
  • Non sensitive to partial discharges, suitable for ultra-high voltage applications
  • Cost decrease compared to existing technologies suitable for Ht° applications
  • A environmentally friendly production, easy to produce complex geometries
  • Capability to adapt the insulation layer thickness
  • Compactness, thinner, no seal edges
  • Solvent free resin (no outgassing)
  • Possible use inside power modules
  • No additional costs for tooling