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Dear Valued partner,

As you may know, at 8PM last night, our president, Mr Emmanuel Macron, declared that all kindergartens, schools and universities should be closed for an undetermined time.

Amphenol Auxel has already set in place preventive mesures and we have also set up a contingency plan that will be actionned over the new few days.

These mesures, that have been in place now for over two weeks include no physical contact between members of staff, daily temperature mesurements, no outside visitors, full IT access preparation in the case of home office being necessary, a full in-house survey of available child-care back up possibilities. We have no Covid-19 cases, nor any of our staff who have any cases in their immediate environment.

We also have out plants in India and China that can also be actionned in case of need.

As of today we have identified some of our staff who may be absent over the next weeks due to child-care issues, however, we are confident that we will be able to maintain our activity with minimal impact.

We thank you for your understanding and patience during this global pandemic and we will maintain strong customer contact should there be any change in the situation.

Amphenol Auxel